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  • Reflecting on light, warmth, and the words of Stuart McLean, Sherman Alexie

    The sky is staining light over the snow-covered fields surrounding my house. I love these quiet mornings. Perfect for reflecting on where I am. Later on today two old friends are coming over. The four of us will eat and laugh together. There is never enough eating and laughing with old friends. But that is […]

  • Dialogue

    Photograph by Brian Bailey. Click for source. I could have called this post ‘failed dialogue’ but that wouldn’t be entirely true. One of the courses I teach is called ERC, Ethics and Religious Culture. The course has 3 competencies – reflects on ethical issues, demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion, and engages in […]

  • Wordling away 🙂

    Here’s a fun site to create instant tag clouds based on 3 different sets of criteria: text you type in url of a site with a feed del.icio.us user name Here is one I created with this blog’s url: I see a few possibilities for this: Seeing frequently used words in websites or various texts, […]

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