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  • A back-to-school like no other

    On Thursday morning, someone from CBC News contacted me for a live interview later that afternoon. It was to talk about back-to-school in Quebec and concerns from a teaching perspective. It ended up being cancelled, I think Rob Ford bumped me on Thursday and something else did on Friday. These things happen. Before they cancelled, […]

  • Student Grades…Who’s Responsible?

    Image licensed from CagleCartoons.com copyright Daryl Cagle, All Rights Reserved. I’ve been seeing this image more and more lately, each time I smirk, shake my head. It provokes a number of thoughts: beginning with, defensively…. Why is it ok to yell at teachers? Why blame the teacher for a student’s failure? How/when did this accountability […]

  • Why do the very best teachers ignore/subvert curriculum?

    Yesterday I posted a tweet. Today I’m going to comment on it. Sometimes it takes me a while to process my thoughts. The very best teachers spend every day of their lives ignoring or subverting the curriculum Now, why is this? Why would people, including myself, think that the best teachers are the ones who […]

  • What I mean by teachers being the only real agents of school reform

    This post is actually a comment in the conversation around school change over at Public School Insights – Casting Call for Teachers. It’s pretty much in the same state, maybe an extra sentence or two. I think it helps to clarify what I mean when I say “Teachers are the only real agents of school […]

  • reiterations

    The tree is rife with reiteration. Reminds me of this process of knocking out a solid dissertation proposal.

  • Reforming Reform v.2

    What is our focus in education reform?

  • By Any Means Human – What are yours?

    Summertime is a unique time in the life of a teacher, at least in the life of this teacher. a – it gives me time to take back my self after the non-stop of the school year. b – it also allows for reflection on the teaching I have done and will do. (c – […]

  • Gaining focus in reform

    I really think that we are focusing on the wrong things in education reform. Recent education reform in Quebec – and I am sure it is similar in other areas – has focused on creating new curriculum for students. Technology reforms focus on how we can best use technology in the classroom to improve student […]

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