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  • Reality check re: time

    We have 52 teaching days left this year before the evaluation period. And that includes the 2 weeks my grade 11s will spend away from school on stage. Holy crapola. 52 days to accomplish the world! Luckily spring seems to have come early this year. I just witnessed a MOSQUITO flying up the wall in […]

  • Why do the very best teachers ignore/subvert curriculum?

    Yesterday I posted a tweet. Today I’m going to comment on it. Sometimes it takes me a while to process my thoughts. The very best teachers spend every day of their lives ignoring or subverting the curriculum Now, why is this? Why would people, including myself, think that the best teachers are the ones who […]

  • What motivates us to do good?

    This was what I posted on the blog for my Contemporary World Issues class today. I decided to share it here, too. Have you been thinking of essential questions to do with our reaction to the devastation in Haiti? Have you been talking about this with your students? — I have been addicted to the […]

  • Do you add students as facebook friends?

    I do. I know teachers who absolutely refuse to as well. Where do you stand? At the beginning of the year I tried different online techniques to give out information (homework, resources, etc…) and found more and more that students weren’t using the software or the applications. My facebook status updates usually looked like, “don’t […]

  • Lessons from fake blogs

    I want to reassure those of you who read this blog that it is all real. Moreover, I am a real person – Tracy, a dog owning, just bought a house, reflective, love my job as a teacher, can’t wait to get to the country, goofy grin and all, real person. Just thought I’d reassure […]

  • Gotta Celebrate

    Yesterday was one of those amazing, magical Montreal springtime days that remind us all why we suffer the cold and snow for 4-6 months of the year. The sun was shining and warm, people were on the streets in short sleeves, some even in shorts. The light stayed with us until almost 8 in the […]

  • Not in our name.

    I. I try to teach my students to care. To care about each other and that, in order to do so, we need to go outside of ourselves. It is probably one of the more difficult things I try to do, and it isn’t always something I do explicitly. It is in our actions together, […]

  • When I was 14…

    she who doth protest too much

  • students students students: the moon is howling

    It’s so easy to feel tired when holding all of these stories.

  • Honouring their commitment to change

    Because if they can make such deep and significant personal change in such a short time then they can do anything.

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