Neverending Stories

One of my favourite books from my childhood, ok, maybe my teen or young adulthood. Click the image to view source and read more about the book and the movie. 2 lessons that never end for me – gleaned from my last post and its comments: asking for and accepting help and support respecting my… Continue reading Neverending Stories

Who are teachers?

“Today’s topic…self-construction” KRS-One **audio from, April 22, 2008 7 months ago (though I just discovered it) Clay Burrell wrote On Leaving Teaching to Become a Teacher: More and more I wonder: is school a good place for teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of their students, and to the future… Continue reading Who are teachers?

The Experience Project

I just this moment discovered this project through facebook – in one of those ads that usually annoy the crap out of me in the left hand column (they annoy me because a) they are usually about finding an adult friend or signing up for some kind of scammy looking deal; and b) when I… Continue reading The Experience Project