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  • What I mean by teachers being the only real agents of school reform

    This post is actually a comment in the conversation around school change over at Public School Insights – Casting Call for Teachers. It’s pretty much in the same state, maybe an extra sentence or two. I think it helps to clarify what I mean when I say “Teachers are the only real agents of school […]

  • Sunday morning quickie re: learning & assessment

    Yup, we definitely need to continue re-thinking learning and assessment. Content is cheap and easy to access. We need to be learning and assessing context and skills – how we manipulate content to create new contexts. Top News – High-tech cheating? Students see it differently. Thanks to @scottmcleod for this link.

  • Bridging gaps. In cultures. In my ideas.

    Bridges. Sun rising. Strong metaphors for change in education.

  • reiterations

    The tree is rife with reiteration. Reminds me of this process of knocking out a solid dissertation proposal.

  • Reforming Reform v.2

    What is our focus in education reform?

  • How is this normal?

    Don’t tell me that the system is not sick…because I won’t believe you.

  • The Curious Case of Ped Days in Quebec

    Quebec teachers have it made. We have 20 pedagogical (PED) days throughout the school year.

  • History, Oh History…

    At the bottom of this post is a link to a series of question and study sheets, including some sample essay questions, for the Secondary 4 History of Quebec and Canada course in the province of Quebec. I’ve only uploaded the questions and study sheets for module 4 so far. The rest should be up […]

  • Gaining focus in reform

    I really think that we are focusing on the wrong things in education reform. Recent education reform in Quebec – and I am sure it is similar in other areas – has focused on creating new curriculum for students. Technology reforms focus on how we can best use technology in the classroom to improve student […]

  • Preparing the waters for change.

    Image: photo of the St Lawrence River taken by me, available on flickr. mrsdurff introduced me to Class 2.0 in a recent comment on Understanding the Machine. I love the idea behind this site, and behind different workshops that places like LEARN in Quebec offer teachers. How do we negotiate the space between resources on […]

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