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  • Language Laws in Quebec’s Schools…time for a critical overhaul.

    Student Ordered Out of English School from the Montreal Gazette. Imagine knowing you have to send your child to school in a language that isn’t his mother tongue. Despite the fact that such a school is available. Despite the fact that part of the boy’s family, albeit extended, can legally attend the school. Despite the […]

  • The Curious Case of Ped Days in Quebec

    Quebec teachers have it made. We have 20 pedagogical (PED) days throughout the school year.

  • History, Oh History…

    At the bottom of this post is a link to a series of question and study sheets, including some sample essay questions, for the Secondary 4 History of Quebec and Canada course in the province of Quebec. I’ve only uploaded the questions and study sheets for module 4 so far. The rest should be up […]

  • Computer Literacy for Students with Special Needs: Dewey + Vygotsky

    How can we create a positive future for students with ‘mild to moderate cognitive delays‘ in Quebec’s public secondary schools?At present, Quebec’s education system is in the process of major reforms. At the secondary level that translates into the creation of 3 learning paths for qualification to post-secondary programs: General Education Path Applied General Education […]

  • Should school boards be abolished?

    [cross posted at LeaderTalk] Over the past few years I’ve been hearing people talk about the idea of abolishing school boards in Quebec. This past week it was in the news again: Dumont ready to bring down Quebec gov’t over school boards ADQ Leader Mario Dumont said Tuesday he’s willing to force a confidence vote […]

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