Hold on Tight

Spring has sprung, love is in the air. I have received a spate of love poems from students lately, gotta be the spring in the air. Here is one from Sam, she has been with her boyfriend for over a year now. She stayed by his side through a horrible accident where he broke his… Continue reading Hold on Tight

She’s Just Like You

Insight from Alyssa, one of my grade 1o students, who has graciously granted me permission to include this here. She’s Just Like You We’re always going to have that one person, that we’re jealous of. Because, they’re prettier than us. They have more friends then us. Their parents let them drink. They’re dating the captain… Continue reading She’s Just Like You

ShoutOut! To Kevin and his tri-voice/one person poem

It was written a little while ago, but I only discovered it this morning – this magical poem by Kevin of Kevin’s Meandering Mind. Listen to it here: The Creator: A poem for three voices and one person (April 2007) And go read it here. Song for the Creator by Frederick McDonald. Image from imagiNATION… Continue reading ShoutOut! To Kevin and his tri-voice/one person poem

Amen of the day…goes to Jose

with these words: You are the strongest lesson planned for me I try to remember this each time I am challenged by relationship, in class and out. I love how Jose strung the words together. Read them in their full context here: Thoughts Travel at Light Speed and scroll way down…way down, baby.