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  • Why I don’t do zeros.

    Listen to these ideas. (Go here to see a mindmap of this podcast and links to resources I refer to in it or just keep reading normally. Whatever turns your crank.) [haiku url=”http://www.tracyrosen.com/leadingfromtheheart.org/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/assessmentAug9.mp3″ title=”Why I don’t do zeros”]   Image: from Not So Good by zephyrbunny, found on flickr and made available through a creative […]

  • …a new dawn, a new morning, a new chance… (podcast included)

    Listen to this post[haiku url= “http://www.tracyrosen.com/leadingfromtheheart.org/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/NewDawnAug7.mp3” title= “a new dawn, a new morning, a new chance”] **today’s post houses my first podcast. Read here for notes on the process.** mindmap for today’s post, made with labyrinth mind-mapping software Resources to help me prepare for the new year: The LouisGuy’s Math Website (Holy moly is this […]

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