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  • How to get them to speak the language they are learning?

    (cross-posted at Enseigner, c’est agir – en français) How do you get your students to speak French (or whatever the 2nd language is that they are learning) in class? I am not interested in offering rewards. I don’t want to raise a group of trained seals who will do anything for a candy. click image […]

  • Cite, I say, Cite! Student engagement & improved learning

    I was asked to find some sources to support this statement I made: Student engagement is primary. Of course it guarantees learning. Here are a few. I’m hoping you can add some more 🙂 Engagement Theories Theory of Engagement from the Schlechty Center for School Reform Student Engagement (powerpoint) by Amy Reschly, Ph.D. & James […]

  • Not-live Blogging – Alfie Kohn, at QPAT Convention 2009

      (read the beginning of my last post, also about a QPAT convention speaker, for an explanation of the whole not-live blogging thing)   Apparently there has been a provincial teacher’s association convention in Quebec every year since sometime in the 1800s. I did not know this.   It is interesting that Alfie Kohn is […]

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