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  • homework revolution

    I just read a post by Elona Hartjes at Teachers at Risk on homework and came across this wonderful twist on homework: I like Damion Frye’s approach to homework. He teaches grade nine, and for the last three years has been assigning homework to parents. Yes, that’s right. He’s been giving homework to parents. So […]

  • Responsibility

    Gleaned from Scott McLeod… “You can’t expect responsible kids if you don’t give them any responsibility.” Love it. Isn’t this what it is all about, this teaching business? Thanks Scott. Powered by ScribeFire.

  • Trying to lead from the heart

    Really, I am trying. I don’t usually write about my personal challenges as a teacher in this blog, but today I find myself needing to. I started at a new school this September and was hired to teach and design a new program for older students (16-21) who are not  expected to graduate. I’m now […]

  • New Wiki –> TeachingFutures

    A while ago I created a post in response to recurring themes I was seeing in many blogs around creating change in our schools towards authentic, meaningful learning situations for our students and teachers. Here is that post. Today I finally got around to creating a wiki to continue the conversation (thanks to John Brandt […]

  • marvels, each and every one.

    Image: from Firehouse 3rd grade 57-58 Mrs Barrett by Clarkstown67 available on flickr through a creative commons license. I came across this quote today on Angela Maiers’ blog: “When will we teach our children in school what they are? We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a […]

  • remaining curious

    Image: Ghetto Curious George by the Frankfurt School made available on flickr by a creative commons license. (crossposted at leadertalk) About a week and a half ago, the night before beginning at a new school, I wrote a post called Allowing Curriculum Planning to Remain Curious. I wrote about how I needed to remain curious about […]

  • Ethics in the classroom and common ground

    I have been involved in a very stimulating conversation on Durff’s blog around the issue of ethics in the classroom. Both Durff and I agree that ethical behaviour must be stressed in the classroom and modeled by teachers. I think you can tell from our comments that we are both quite passionate about this. Where […]

  • Just whose achievement gap is it, anyway?

    Image: found on the Internet Ray Tracing Competition website Found this, love it. We must reject the ideology of the “achievement gap” that absolves adults of their responsibility and implies student culpability in continued under-performance. The student achievement gap is merely the effect of a much larger and more debilitating chasm: The Educator Achievement Gap. […]

  • Teaching and work/life balance: Whatcha think?

    Image: Balance by EisforEdmund made available on flickr with a creative commons license. I came across this little statistic today. 65% Proportion of former public school teachers who say they’re better able to balance work and life now that they’re working outside the education field. SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education; National Center for Education Statistics […]

  • Motivation and change, values and passion: Making the connections

    [cross-posted at LeaderTalk] I will be returning to the classroom at the end of August after a year as a special education consultant and professional development facilitator. I decided to return for a variety of reasons, the most important being that I miss the energy I pick up from daily contact with students and the […]

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