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  • Being human and classroom management

    We are just about coming to the end of the classroom management section of my summer course (Teaching French as a 2nd Language). The more I learn about classroom management the more I realize that most of it is about being human and doing the right thing. Strategies that arose in relation to managing a […]

  • Cite, I say, Cite! Student engagement & improved learning

    I was asked to find some sources to support this statement I made: Student engagement is primary. Of course it guarantees learning. Here are a few. I’m hoping you can add some more 🙂 Engagement Theories Theory of Engagement from the Schlechty Center for School Reform Student Engagement (powerpoint) by Amy Reschly, Ph.D. & James […]

  • Lessons that never end

    and really they don’t. Just when I think all is in order I get thrown on my ass again. Last week’s day in a sentence (hosted by Illya‘s EVO Blogfolio) was actually a year in a sentence and it called for reflective sentences on the year that is about to end. I left the call […]

  • On de-rubricizing

    I almost forgot about my favourite line from yesterday’s QPAT convention keynote speaker, Alfie Kohn. He said it as I was leaving the room so it didn’t end up in my not-live blog post but I just found the page where I scribbled it as I was making my way to my car: The whole […]

  • Pearls need discomfort, right?

    “Those that have survived such perils of the sea as typhoons, suffocating red tides, and attacks from predators are brought ashore and opened. if everything has gone well, the result is a lovely, lustrous and very valuable pearl.” Click image for source. Yesterday after work I was typing up a commitment contract with our head […]

  • Being together

    Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life. Isaac Bashevis Singer (via nezua) Yesterday I commented on Kelly Hines’ post Core Beliefs about my own core belief that learning happens in community. Today I found this beautiful sentence in  Michael Doyle’s post Puddles: When one wanders away from one’s usual world, it’s good to have company. […]

  • Blooms Digital Taxonomy: My Thoughts

    [cross-posted at 09/10 ~ Thinking Forward] Concept map for Bloom’s digital taxonomy. Developed by Andrew Churches of Kristin School in Albany Auckland, New Zealand. Click image for source. Hmmm… not too sure I like the title. I’d just call it revised again, or updated, or something along those lines. It is a taxonomy that is […]

  • Alternative Schools

    I work in an alternative school. Actually, it’s an alternative program within a large school. We have a closed off area of the building with a separate entrance and run by a slightly different schedule – we don’t hear the bells and are just fine with that! I am completing my first year here and […]

  • Reflections on a PhD

    How do I take my own advice? Where do I go from here?

  • Lessons from a baby giraffe

    Love isn’t all softness and comfort.

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