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  • Tagline Props

    My tagline: metamorphosis, no better metaphor for this… comes from No Compromises, performed by Invincible, a Detroit MC. I love how the words string together, and I love the idea of positive change for the future it invokes. mp3 No Compromises originally downloaded from: FREE THE P! Palestine Takes NYC’s East Village by Storm, article […]

  • Change…the 6-letter 4-letter word aka Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams the Remix

    I closed my last post with this quote from the stunning Invincible: Metamorphosis, no better metaphor for this. here’s the link one more time for your listening pleasure. Go here to see credits. And post-post discussion (aka comments, I guess) is gravitating around the concept of discomfort and learning. I am propelled to reflect on […]

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