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  • Diagnosis=accommodations… hmmm… Amen of the Day goes to…Ira Socol

    image from dmote on flickr, inserted via scribefire The May 1st post on SpeEd Change begins in this way: Start here: If your school, university, business, government requires “proof of disability” – that is, diagnosis – before providing accommodations, it is discriminating, and it is not committed to social justice, not committed to equality of […]

  • Amen of the day on this US Martin Luther King jr Day

    Jonathan Becker boldly reflects on LeaderTalk: However, what troubles me more is the mounting evidence that even where we have managed to create diverse/integrated schools, there is extensive  within-school segregation by race. For example, students of colour are disproportionately: overrepresented in special education; underrepresented in gifted and talented programs; underrepresented in the highest level academic […]

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