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  • Some wonderfully new (to me) blogs

    As always happens just after the end of the school year, I am finding I have more time (and guilt-free time, at that!) to read what others are writing. Here are some of the blogs I have found over the last few days, written by people I am looking forward to reading again. L’espace à […]

  • Wherever you go, there you are

    So now it’s July 1. The paperwork is over and all I have left to do is empty my classroom at the old school tomorrow – today is a holiday in Canada – Canada Day. Time for brightness and light (and warmth. It’s July 1st and I have a fire going to ward off the […]

  • Passion exists inside me, not inside a job

    This blog post has been in the works for a couple of weeks now and was coaxed out by Dan Callahan’s post One for the Record Books over at Geek.Teacher. His post reflects on the mixed feelings he has around changing schools, changing positions. My own recent job change has had me thinking along the […]

  • Reality check re: time

    We have 52 teaching days left this year before the evaluation period. And that includes the 2 weeks my grade 11s will spend away from school on stage. Holy crapola. 52 days to accomplish the world! Luckily spring seems to have come early this year. I just witnessed a MOSQUITO flying up the wall in […]

  • Teacher as Container

    I’m groggy because I was woken early and then made the mistake of going back to sleep for the hour or so before my alarm rang at 5:45. My sleeps lately are fitful, at best. Oh the joys of end of year! We began our first ministry exams this week. This week my role has […]

  • Ouch…important feedback

    image found here –> Ms Teacher Well, I thought that none of my students were able to complete the end of year feedback assignment due to technical difficulties at school, but evidently one was able to…and I quote: …and what I didn’t like of this year was the teacher that I had becuase I she […]

  • End of year – closure, time, plans.

    I forgot to have a good closure. Me, who knows of the importance of closure, forgot (me forgot? Whatever…). image from: Organizational Systems 2, acrStudio.com A group of kids didn’t come in on the last day and, of those who did, another group left after lunch. And a couple of them played a bit of […]

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