Tag: emergent design

  • New Wiki –> TeachingFutures

    A while ago I created a post in response to recurring themes I was seeing in many blogs around creating change in our schools towards authentic, meaningful learning situations for our students and teachers. Here is that post. Today I finally got around to creating a wiki to continue the conversation (thanks to John Brandt […]

  • The Future of Teaching: Let’s continue the conversation

    Since yesterday, I have been involved in a conversation on Will Richardson‘s post The Future of Teaching. The first part of this post was originally posted as a comment to The Future of Teaching. I am getting the idea that we, at least those of us involved in this conversation, are ready to act on […]

  • The tao of teaching in ambiguity

    image: Shadowed Crones by Rudha’an, found on flickr and offered under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license. What I love about keeping a blog is the insight I glean from those in my blogging community. The other day I published a post called Understanding the Machine and in one of Christopher‘s comments I found […]

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