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  • Twitter is replacing my feed reader

    These twitter birds were created by Luc Latulippe and are available as a free download on his site. Click the image to go there. Really. I am afraid to hit my feed reader. In the past if I missed a day or two I’d be overwhelmed with the amount of information that fed into my […]

  • Being together

    Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life. Isaac Bashevis Singer (via nezua) Yesterday I commented on Kelly Hines’ post Core Beliefs about my own core belief that learning happens in community. Today I found this beautiful sentence in  Michael Doyle’s post Puddles: When one wanders away from one’s usual world, it’s good to have company. […]

  • Honouring their commitment to change

    Because if they can make such deep and significant personal change in such a short time then they can do anything.

  • Reporting out and Following up

    BlogHer Boston, personal research in organizational learning, following up on older posts…

  • 24 hours in the life of me…Oh, and BlogHer 08

    Underwater dust storm. Thats what the day felt like. Image by Karen Glaser

  • A day at the park…literally

    At the end of November I met Marc Tison (in case your school is like ours and myspace is blocked, here’s somewhere else to go), a pretty well known skateboarder from Montreal, and we got to talking about one of my students whose dream is to be a sponsored skateboarder. In fact, at the beginning […]

  • Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

    If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn – Charlie Parker Ok, it’s way about time I take a good hard look at my wishes, hopes, and dreams. How can I move towards a better future unless I define what I wish, hope, and dream for it? I know that I […]

  • remaining curious

    Image: Ghetto Curious George by the Frankfurt School made available on flickr by a creative commons license. (crossposted at leadertalk) About a week and a half ago, the night before beginning at a new school, I wrote a post called Allowing Curriculum Planning to Remain Curious. I wrote about how I needed to remain curious about […]

  • Ethics in the classroom and common ground

    I have been involved in a very stimulating conversation on Durff’s blog around the issue of ethics in the classroom. Both Durff and I agree that ethical behaviour must be stressed in the classroom and modeled by teachers. I think you can tell from our comments that we are both quite passionate about this. Where […]

  • The Future of Teaching: Let’s continue the conversation

    Since yesterday, I have been involved in a conversation on Will Richardson‘s post The Future of Teaching. The first part of this post was originally posted as a comment to The Future of Teaching. I am getting the idea that we, at least those of us involved in this conversation, are ready to act on […]

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