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  • Spinning the positive

    Contemporary world issues has a negative focus. I’ve been asked why we need to learn/watch/read/talk about such depressing things. Tension, conflict, power struggles, disparity… those are some of the themes. What if I put a spin on them? Creative tension. Power to change. Collaboration. Instead of focusing on the problems, I want to focus on […]

  • Evolving stories, creating change/ A reflection on Kevin’s story writing experiment

    Yesterday I started to participate in a collaborative story writing adventure hosted by Kevin (Kevin’s Meandering Mind). Basically, he has started a story and a group of us are writing it collectively, though one at a time. I’ve done this kind of thing using paper and pen technology in the past where I hand out […]

  • Collaboration for student success: teachers and para-educators working together

    **Kartoo Visual search for paraeducators** (type paraeducator in the search field, click on the mindmap key) The idea of extra help in the classroom is becoming more and more a reality for many classroom teachers. As we move away from stand alone resource room models towards inclusion for students with needs there is a recognition […]

  • New Wiki –> TeachingFutures

    A while ago I created a post in response to recurring themes I was seeing in many blogs around creating change in our schools towards authentic, meaningful learning situations for our students and teachers. Here is that post. Today I finally got around to creating a wiki to continue the conversation (thanks to John Brandt […]

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