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  • First day … on your marks, get set…

    It’s 5:30 am and I have…

  • Who are teachers?

    “Today’s topic…self-construction” KRS-One **audio from 1vibe.net, April 22, 2008 7 months ago (though I just discovered it) Clay Burrell wrote On Leaving Teaching to Become a Teacher: More and more I wonder: is school a good place for teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of their students, and to the future […]

  • End of year – closure, time, plans.

    I forgot to have a good closure. Me, who knows of the importance of closure, forgot (me forgot? Whatever…). image from: Organizational Systems 2, acrStudio.com A group of kids didn’t come in on the last day and, of those who did, another group left after lunch. And a couple of them played a bit of […]

  • Invention at Play

    I discovered Adam Hunt via his comment on my latest LeaderTalk post. When I went to peruse his blog, I was met with his review of this great (fun) interactive game resource for the classroom (click the logo to go): I’m having fun and I’m going to test it out on my students next week. […]

  • Travel Day

    Montreal Metro Tunnel 1 image by Flowizm on Flickr Every day 2 of our 9-day cycle at school I take my older group of students out on a travel day. We take public transportation to travel from Chateauguay to Montreal. Each day 2 we try to go to a new place, and each time I […]

  • Changing Space

    Photograph by Edna Vite “Mandalas are utilized in all cultures as transmitters of energy,” Vite says, explaining that they can transform negative energy into positive energy. According to Vite, people use mandalas to cleanse spaces of negative energy, as well as to meditate and to energize themselves. Last week Jose wrote: I stayed in my […]

  • Change…the 6-letter 4-letter word aka Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams the Remix

    I closed my last post with this quote from the stunning Invincible: Metamorphosis, no better metaphor for this. here’s the link one more time for your listening pleasure. Go here to see credits. And post-post discussion (aka comments, I guess) is gravitating around the concept of discomfort and learning. I am propelled to reflect on […]

  • Parents protest ‘time-out’ cage in classroom

    Parents protest ‘time-out’ cage in classroom (Last Updated: Friday, February 9, 2007 | 3:09 PM ET CBC News) A Shawinigan, Que., teacher who put a nine-year-old student in a lattice cage for misbehaving will not face any disciplinary measures, school board officials said Friday. The boy’s parents discovered their son, Félix, had been kept in […]

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