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  • What motivates us to do good?

    This was what I posted on the blog for my Contemporary World Issues class today. I decided to share it here, too. Have you been thinking of essential questions to do with our reaction to the devastation in Haiti? Have you been talking about this with your students? — I have been addicted to the […]

  • Is lecture a 4-letter word? Following up a year later

    Today I received a comment from Miss Teacha on a post I published almost a year ago called Is ‘lecture’ a 4-letter word? She continues our love-hate relationship conversation about lecture. I started to write my reply as a comment and then decided to post it as its own post. So here it is. Thanks […]

  • rant

    I’ve made the decision to do something I have never done before and that is to remove a post. Well, actually, to replace it with this one. I have not been asked to do this by anyone, it is something I have decided to do on my own because, regardless of its intention, its results […]

  • Dialogue

    Photograph by Brian Bailey. Click for source. I could have called this post ‘failed dialogue’ but that wouldn’t be entirely true. One of the courses I teach is called ERC, Ethics and Religious Culture. The course has 3 competencies – reflects on ethical issues, demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion, and engages in […]

  • What does your best teaching look like?

    I have a new blog. It’s called Teaching is a Verb and I want to collect stories about actual teaching practice there. The long term goal of the blog is to connect teachers to teachers by providing a framework for us to visit each other’s classrooms. We have so much to learn from each other. […]

  • I can not change what I tolerate

    This morning I yelled. But big. At my dogs, at my cat, at my house, at my students. I adopted a cat (Betty) a few weeks ago because of the mice. Not into mice. But my big dog (Toby) stalks her and my little dog (Jacob) alternates between ignoring her, stealing her toys, and barking […]

  • Cherishing the quiet moments

    When I went to bed last night it was -1 degree Celsius outside. This morning Montreal woke to a temperature of -23 with a wind chill factor of -36 and the news that it will stay that way, maybe even getting colder, until Monday. Cold as all get out. It wasn’t easy getting started this […]

  • students students students: the moon is howling

    It’s so easy to feel tired when holding all of these stories.

  • Learning from my students as I rise

    And I learn that it is not my job to make you feel complete.

  • First 2 days: the forensic report

    Student teams building bird houses on the first day of school.

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