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  • Changing how we evaluate…utopic?

    I was asked to think about this statement and how it can be considered an assumption: The notion of systemic change in how we evaluate is utopic since it goes against parent expectations and societal values. If this were true then women would never have gotten the vote and black people would still be riding […]

  • farmers and teachers

    From Dea Conrad-Curry at Notions and Potions in Thinking deeply about the seeds we plant: …I was thinking of how farmers and teachers are alike. They both are responsible to nurture valuable commodities. Their work is both science and art. They both possess intrinsic passion, returning day in and day out to work over which […]

  • Wherever you go, there you are

    So now it’s July 1. The paperwork is over and all I have left to do is empty my classroom at the old school tomorrow – today is a holiday in Canada – Canada Day. Time for brightness and light (and warmth. It’s July 1st and I have a fire going to ward off the […]

  • Passion exists inside me, not inside a job

    This blog post has been in the works for a couple of weeks now and was coaxed out by Dan Callahan’s post One for the Record Books over at Geek.Teacher. His post reflects on the mixed feelings he has around changing schools, changing positions. My own recent job change has had me thinking along the […]

  • Where in the world is Tracy Rosen?

    Just so you know, as I typed that title I was singing, ‘where in the world is Carmen Sandiago’ in my head. Just so you know. A week ago, last Tuesday, June 1st to be precise, I changed jobs. Of course I still teach. Though the context and audience has changed significantly! I am now […]

  • Lessons that never end

    and really they don’t. Just when I think all is in order I get thrown on my ass again. Last week’s day in a sentence (hosted by Illya‘s EVO Blogfolio) was actually a year in a sentence and it called for reflective sentences on the year that is about to end. I left the call […]

  • I can not change what I tolerate

    This morning I yelled. But big. At my dogs, at my cat, at my house, at my students. I adopted a cat (Betty) a few weeks ago because of the mice. Not into mice. But my big dog (Toby) stalks her and my little dog (Jacob) alternates between ignoring her, stealing her toys, and barking […]

  • Being together

    Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life. Isaac Bashevis Singer (via nezua) Yesterday I commented on Kelly Hines’ post Core Beliefs about my own core belief that learning happens in community. Today I found this beautiful sentence in  Michael Doyle’s post Puddles: When one wanders away from one’s usual world, it’s good to have company. […]

  • Bridging gaps. In cultures. In my ideas.

    Bridges. Sun rising. Strong metaphors for change in education.

  • Reforming Reform v.2

    What is our focus in education reform?

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