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  • What do you believe? And does it matter?

    If you don’t know who Mary Hynes is and have never listened to (and nodded with, yelled at, cried to, and questioned) Tapestry, CBC’s weekly radio show and podcast on spirituality, myth, faith, our connections then hop to it. It is inspiring and regularly leads me to question my own beliefs. A recent article by […]

  • Taking Action

    I added a new plugin to Leading from the Heart this morning – ‘Possibly Related Classroom Projects’

  • Ethics or (doing what we do)

    Up at the top of this blog has appeared a new little grey box. Right there, next to Home. See it? Today I’m going to introduce you to it – readers, meet ‘Ethics’. Mine. I’ve been thinking about all of these words I’ve put into this blog, into my comments on other people’s blogs, about […]

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