A note on digital citizenship

I hear so many educators complain about how technology is hijacking our students’ education. How they don’t know how to be digital citizens. How they are addicted. How all they care about is YouTube and Facebook and their social lives. So instead of teaching it they dismiss it, poopoo it, and try to ban it.… Continue reading A note on digital citizenship

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The human touch of tech

Today I read this, written by Nathan Smith, Director of Technology at the College of Education & Human Services of Utah State University. “…Connecting with our students in meaningful, positive ways – making each of them feel wanted, important, safe, valued, and needed – is to me the real β€œart” of teaching. I call this… Continue reading The human touch of tech

I believe that…

…pedagogy and student success need to be priorities …technology integration is NOT about technology integration …students (and some teachers) need to be taught how to use technology ethically – how to be ethical digital citizens …first we need to care, then we need to know what we are teaching, and only then we can find… Continue reading I believe that…

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