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  • Bridging the online / offline / simultaneous teaching gap

    In Quebec, all students are expected to be in school under normal ratios, that means the same teacher:student ratio in effect at a given school as before Covid-19. (I still find it mind-boggling that the exact same directive goes for schools in Montreal with over 29 000 cases of the virus as schools in the […]

  • Checking ourselves. When good teachers are racist.

    Close to 15 years ago, I became friends with a teacher in South Burlington, Vermont. She was a master at differentiation and I met her first through a webinar and then in person. She graciously allowed me to bring a group of teachers from Montreal to spend the day in her classroom. It was a […]

  • Well-being of children and opening schools

    Yesterday afternoon, the Quebec government announced the reopening of schools during this current worldwide pandemic. Last week, they suggested as much, citing herd immunity as a main reason. But over the weekend, perhaps in response to Dr. Theresa Tam’s statement about the practice, they changed their reason why. In fact, they replaced it with 5 […]

  • Learning (or should we call it connecting?) Online in Troubled Times

    Yes. Especially at this tumultuous (yet, for some lucky people, incredibly boring) point in time, we need to be talking about connection when it comes to learning. (When I say connect, I mean primarily as in human connection but also as in infrastructure.) There have been a whole new slew of online meeting and learning […]

  • On unlearning or the summer slide.

    I am listening to CBC while waiting for Jack to finish his smoothie and get out of his bath (multitasking). Listening specifically to an interview about the dangers of unlearning over the summer. (I can’t find a CBC reference but here is a CTV article that mentions the same person being interviewed: Is the Summer […]

  • A note (again) on digital citizenship

    I originally published this post in May of 2013. I feel this rant coming on again…so here you go. I hear so many educators complain about how technology is hijacking our students’ education. How they don’t know how to be digital citizens. How they are addicted. How all they care about is YouTube and Facebook […]

  • Make Me Care

    Andrew Stanton’s line, “The greatest story commandment is: Make me care.” stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it almost a year ago. I was on my way to working with a couple of teachers in another area of Quebec and had a long drive ahead of me, so I plugged in my […]

  • Motivation, feedback, tech, and me.

    The ‘and me’ is key. This is in reference to me as a teacher and therefore a creator of learning situations. How do I use myself as a motivating instigator with those I teach? How do I provide effective feedback to those I teach? How do I recognize the feedback I receive from those I […]

  • Here are some questions for you…

    click on the image for source…and for a post on student questioning from Inquire Within. What do you teach? Whether it be math, English, French, science, History, economics, computer science… are you allowing your students to use whatever tools they need to be successful? Are you allowing your students to record themselves (or you) with […]

  • Sugata Mitra speaks truth but…

    “Teachers are the way they are because of the examination system in schools. They don’t have a choice.” Professor Sugata Mitra I agree, our examination system is ancient and horrible. Not to mention demeaning. It helps school communities to exist parallel to the ‘real world’ with the false assurance that we are preparing learners to […]

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