Why blog? (and it’s not about making learning fun.)

Blogging is not about making journaling fun for students. It’s not about trying to find a reason for students to spell correctly. It’s not even about connecting them to global others. I can think of no more horrible an exercise than forcing all of the students in my class to create a blog for the… Continue reading Why blog? (and it’s not about making learning fun.)

Truth about stories

Two very different stories about the same events. Story #1 Five police cruisers torched, 40 protesters arrested as native anti-fracking rally turns violent. The National Post Police. Torched. Protesters Arrested. Native. Violent. Story #2 New Brunswick fracking protests are the frontline of a democratic fight. The Guardian New Brunswick. Protests. Frontline. Democratic. A number of… Continue reading Truth about stories

Let me tell you a story … about teaching and technology

I’m teaching a class on creating a radio show and podcasting. I’m working with 11 enthusiastic and interested adult learners and I’m quite excited about it myself. Yesterday was our 2nd meeting. Let me tell you a little story about teaching and technology… My plan was 3-fold: Talk about commitment to the course Each person… Continue reading Let me tell you a story … about teaching and technology

Funny story about making educational video

I know what makes a boring, didactically challenged video. I even spent some time not two weeks ago talking about this, analyzing this with other educators. And yet, today I struggled with creating a video (multimedia presentation…actually glorified powerpoint, whatever) that didn’t fall into that description. The presentation is just a little thing but I… Continue reading Funny story about making educational video

A story of my name

Let me tell you a story… When I was 5 years old I changed my name to Harmonica Goldfish. The motivation behind that is still a bit unclear but the context was that my family had just moved to Manhattan and I spontaneously told the new children I met at the park in front of… Continue reading A story of my name

On storytelling…

When I see my life as a story, with all the richness and depth of art, the beauty and serendipity and redemption, the synchronicity of forces beyond my knowing, I understand finally that I am not necessarily the author. From My faith: How storytelling saved my life by Edward Grinnan for CNN