Category: Stories from the heart

  • Checking ourselves. When good teachers are racist.

    Close to 15 years ago, I became friends with a teacher in South Burlington, Vermont. She was a master at differentiation and I met her first through a webinar and then in person. She graciously allowed me to bring a group of teachers from Montreal to spend the day in her classroom. It was a […]

  • When we talk, when we listen. We get better together. (epilogue)

    A story in 3 parts – epilogue I already posted an article earlier today called English Sector Exclusion: A story in 3 parts and I don’t usually post twice in one day but today, I need to. The survey that excluded anglophone school boards (and therefore the voices of teachers who work within these boards)? It […]

  • English Sector Exclusion: A story in 3 parts.

    Part 3 Yesterday afternoon I was forwarded this questionnaire by a colleague in another province. I was attracted by the headline because I thought it was important to gather this kind of data. But when I went to fill out the questionnaire, I realized that, though I teach in the public system in Quebec, my experience didn’t […]

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