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  • Looking Back: Stop talking about classrooms that don’t work

    As part of my Looking Back series, the sentiments I articulated in this post from August 21st, 2010 are still very alive for me. There are classrooms that work, that work very well. Click on the title below to go to the original post with its comments. Here is an example of a ‘traditional’ classroom […]

  • the very best teachers…

    Just saw this tweet. Felt the need to record it. The very best teachers spend every day of their lives ignoring or subverting the curriculum via @paulawhite, via @Neilstephenson, via @kmadolf, via @alfiekohn or something like that…

  • It’s basically about shifting from getting people to love you, to you loving them.

    This post is going to be about an excerpt from Stephen Downe’s blog summary of Michael Wesch’s talk at D2L Fusion. Wait, you think that was a bit confusing? Before I get into the meat of this post, let’s take a moment to recognize exactly how I found these words. This morning I decided it […]

  • Sunday Inspirational Video

    Who would’ve thought that an old standard could be given new life? My friend Jeff Hall, fellow Human Systems Intervention MA grad, Anglican Priest, and Independent Organizational Development Consultant, turned me on to this phenomenal reprise of Stand By Me via facebook.

  • Student Poetry 2: ‘Center’ by Kait

    We’re reading Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, a novel written in free verse about 3 teenagers at a psychiatric hospital for trying to commit suicide. I asked my students to write some of their own poetry, as if they were there with them. Here is one that Kait recently sent me. She has agreed to let […]

  • I’ve been asked to talk

    So. I’ve been asked to talk. I don’t have a problem talking. My students would certainly back that one up, with an eye roll or two to boot. I’ve spoken in front of 100s of teachers. I’ve spoken at my sister’s wedding (made that speech up on the spot). I’ve spoken to small, intimate groups. […]

  • She’s Just Like You

    Insight from Alyssa, one of my grade 1o students, who has graciously granted me permission to include this here. She’s Just Like You We’re always going to have that one person, that we’re jealous of. Because, they’re prettier than us. They have more friends then us. Their parents let them drink. They’re dating the captain […]

  • Re-post: Free to be a princess and run with the wind…

    I found this over at Flip Flopping Joy. I used to love love love Free to be… You and Me as a child. The stories still hold life lessons. Enjoy. And may you always run freely with the wind.

  • Golden shovels and crayons

    If you want to disappoint me, however, buy me a gold-plated heavy duty shovel…

  • I unlocked the key to Mysql and Php 🙂

    Image: Hallelujah by David Farrant found on flickr If you are reading this you must have landed here in the few minutes I am using to test my creation of a new database on the new server. kinda scary playing with mysql and php but I think I did it! about to publish…the real test… […]

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