Category: Report Cards

  • Is testing what is needed to get teachers to work harder?: Checking out Ontario’s Progress Report on Education

    So…I received an interesting email message yesterday from the Ontario Premier’s office: Hello, My name is Grahame Rivers. I’m the social media coordinator in the Ontario Premier’s Office. I wanted to let you know that Ontario has released it’s progress report on education. Based on the family focus of your blog, I thought this might […]

  • Spinning Report Card Comments

    I’m on the outside this term, watching my colleagues grapple with report cards from facebook and twitter sidelines while I play with Jack who is now a little over 4 months old. Look how cute he is 🙂 One of my colleagues posted this video today and it made me think about those comments we […]

  • Report Card Jargon and Teacher/Parent communication

    Even though I was already on maternity leave 2 months before our first report cards (note that a ‘progress’ report was issued in November) were sent home I graded and wrote comments for my students based on the first part of the year and gave those marks/comments to the teacher who replaced me who could […]

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