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  • Moving out towards reform

    In an age of constant reform, a teacher is constantly put in the spotlight. The way that he or she teaches is constantly in question. The teachers I know became teachers because of something from deep within – a passion, a desire to help others, to pay something back, to follow in the footsteps of […]

  • “Planned school board cuts anger Quebec teachers”…why?

    When I first heard the news – that Line Beauchamp, Quebec’s Education Minister, is presenting a proposal during this weekend’s Liberal party caucus to cut school board funding in half – I literally high-fived my rear-view mirror. Maybe not the best thing to do while driving through the slippery roadways skirting the construction of highway […]

  • Changing how we evaluate…utopic?

    I was asked to think about this statement and how it can be considered an assumption: The notion of systemic change in how we evaluate is utopic since it goes against parent expectations and societal values. If this were true then women would never have gotten the vote and black people would still be riding […]

  • Religion in school – who has the final say?

    According to the Quebec courts it is the government who has the final say, at least in terms of what our children learn in school. I heard about this story on cbc news as I was driving to work this morning: Parents group to appeal ruling on ethics course: judge rejects bid for exemption. Studying […]

  • What I mean by teachers being the only real agents of school reform

    This post is actually a comment in the conversation around school change over at Public School Insights – Casting Call for Teachers. It’s pretty much in the same state, maybe an extra sentence or two. I think it helps to clarify what I mean when I say “Teachers are the only real agents of school […]

  • Driving, listening, and drafting new models

    I live pretty far from most things (except the corn fields, they’re close by) and when I need something I jump in my car. The other night it took 2 hours to pick up dog food… but that was a mistake (Note to self – don’t try new routes while the dogs are waiting for […]

  • Sunday morning quickie re: learning & assessment

    Yup, we definitely need to continue re-thinking learning and assessment. Content is cheap and easy to access. We need to be learning and assessing context and skills – how we manipulate content to create new contexts. Top News – High-tech cheating? Students see it differently. Thanks to @scottmcleod for this link.

  • How do we not give zeros? Voicethread response.

    Using voice thread to respond to questions about grading practices.

  • Language Laws in Quebec’s Schools…time for a critical overhaul.

    Student Ordered Out of English School from the Montreal Gazette. Imagine knowing you have to send your child to school in a language that isn’t his mother tongue. Despite the fact that such a school is available. Despite the fact that part of the boy’s family, albeit extended, can legally attend the school. Despite the […]

  • If I am only for myself, what am I?

    The attacks near the United Nations school really got to me. It is hard to write about what is going on in Israel and in Gaza. There is an assumption that because I am Jewish I am automatically pro-Israel in any situation. There is some guilt involved in speaking against Israel. But why is it […]

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