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  • Professional Development – some questions and thoughts

    Part of my job, no. Most of my job has me thinking about Professional Development. Today it has me wondering about how much others think about it. As a teacher, how much importance do you place on PD? Is it something you do because it is part of your yearly schedule or is it something […]

  • Here are some questions for you…

    click on the image for source…and for a post on student questioning from Inquire Within. What do you teach? Whether it be math, English, French, science, History, economics, computer science… are you allowing your students to use whatever tools they need to be successful? Are you allowing your students to record themselves (or you) with […]

  • Guidance through the shift

    Watch this video and ask yourself: Do I know this teacher? Am I this teacher? And then ask: How can I guide or be guided through the shift towards improved student-learning? In the video I say that the answer is simple – just shift a la ‘just do it’ mentality but in reality the shift […]

  • Brussel sprout ice cream cone…

    …or chocolate covered broccoli. However you want to call it, it’s disguising something with something else to try to make it more appealing. We might try it once, even twice, but pretty soon, once we’ve licked off the chocolate we’ll recognize the core of the thing for what it is**. Basically we should “Make the […]

  • Remembering the human (in teachers, too)

    You teach a resistant teacher the same way you teach a resistant and disinterested and disengaged student. By engaging them, by challenging them, by making sure they have fun, and giving them ownership of their own learning will bring back even a hardened student to the class. Eric Pollack wrote this, as a comment to […]

  • Adults monopolizing conversations about youth

    We keep youth off to the side while the adults talk and talk about how to improve the world. To youth, it is a lot of talk and little change. It’s ironic and sad that youth, with the biggest stake in the future, are so often seen and not heard. Think of all the areas […]

  • Flavour-of-the-month: Get your red-hot PD here…but not for long!

    I’ve been looking through my archives as a result of redesigning my blog over the weekend and saw a few posts about different flavours-of-the-month from years past. What I wrote in one post about PLCs (remember them?) from 2007 still resonates in me today but as I was link-checking to make sure the links still […]

  • Addressing the ICT elephant in the room

    In a recent conversation on LinkedIn, a commenter wrote: Teachers do not fear being ‘replaced’ by computers. That is a 1980 ‘s idea that has never gone away. I’d like to look at that fear. Is that really just an old wives tale? To a certain extent I believe that there are teachers who do […]

  • Is integrating technology still the goal?

    A short while ago I began a discussion on LinkedIn asking if people agreed with my statement that integrating technology was not the goal. The comments were rich, if you are a member of TIE (Technology in Education) at LinkedIn, go ahead and read the comments. So many good thoughts. I thought I’d open it […]

  • QPAT workshop – OurPads: increasing student engagement…

    Resources for the QPAT workshop –> OurPads: Increasing student engagement and enhancing learning Where we talk about how we have started to use iPads at the Nova Career and Education Centre of the New Frontiers School Board. **updated on Sunday, November 25, 2012 – Summary and feedback of Friday’s workshop, including Ali’s Math apps** Note […]

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