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  • Some essential questions for teachers.

    What do you teach? Whether it be math, English, French, science, History, economics, computer science… are you allowing your students to use whatever tools they need to be successful? Are you allowing your students to use their own technology to learn? Are you allowing your students to record themselves (or you) with their phones or […]

  • My dirty secrets re: flipping the classroom

    I have a dirty little secret to share. Actually, I have a few. Dirty Secret #1 I don’t think video lessons are all that. When we talk of flipped classrooms we talk of having video that students can watch out of the classroom to free up clasroom time from the shackles of lecture and allow […]

  • Respectful guidance

    In everything. We can’t go around trying to do new things without someone to guide us. And we can’t go around asking people to try to do new things without ensuring the guidance is there for them: guidance that is offered in a way that respects us as learners, as people. challenge me to stand […]

  • On Motivation. On Learning. In Ourselves.

    Last night, at 10:39, I found out about the midnight deadline for applying to the Google Teacher Academy taking place in New York this October. How was it that I only clued into the application process in the, practically literally, 11th hour? That may have a little something to do with this kind of thing: […]

  • Beware the bedazzlement

    Was reminded today…again…of the importance of good pedagogy. We can have fancy tools to bedazzle our students/parents/community with but if they aren’t being used in support of good pedagogy, they will remain a sideshow. So what is good pedagogy in an age where bedazzlement threatens to get in the way? Same as always – asking […]

  • Interesting conversation about teaching and technology

    I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague the other day. She is a teacher in adult education with upwards of 35 years in the classroom and she said to me that the model we recently used in her class and others, with me going directly into the classroom and working with students, makes […]

  • Funny story about making educational video

    I know what makes a boring, didactically challenged video. I even spent some time not two weeks ago talking about this, analyzing this with other educators. And yet, today I struggled with creating a video (multimedia presentation…actually glorified powerpoint, whatever) that didn’t fall into that description. The presentation is just a little thing but I […]

  • The Changing Face of Economics Class (and advertising)

    **cross-posted at AdultEd.TracyRosen.Com** The idea of advertisement is in constant evolution. It is becoming more and more personal. Google’s ads are streamlined to reflect our search queries and sites like facebook do the same thing. Test it out. Do a search for something specific on Google. Like a particular kind of shoe or boot. Then […]

  • School discipline, alternative schools, race…

    Yesterday afternoon I was driving in my truck (I love my cherry red pickup truck) with Jack yodelling from the passenger seat when I tuned in to Talk of the Nation on NPR. They were in the middle of discussing school discipline and inequality and the part I heard had a first year teacher call […]

  • Looking Back: Stop talking about classrooms that don’t work

    As part of my Looking Back series, the sentiments I articulated in this post from August 21st, 2010 are still very alive for me. There are classrooms that work, that work very well. Click on the title below to go to the original post with its comments. Here is an example of a ‘traditional’ classroom […]

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