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    test newsletter

    Keyword: PD Mot clé: la formation! Read about events and resources for Professional Development throughout our networks. — Découvrez les événements et les ressources pour le développement professionnel à travers nos réseaux.

  • Checking ourselves. When good teachers are racist.

    Close to 15 years ago, I became friends with a teacher in South Burlington, Vermont. She was a master at differentiation and I met her first through a webinar and then in person. She graciously allowed me to bring a group of teachers from Montreal to spend the day in her classroom. It was a […]

  • English Sector Exclusion: A story in 3 parts.

    Part 3 Yesterday afternoon I was forwarded this questionnaire by a colleague in another province. I was attracted by the headline because I thought it was important to gather this kind of data. But when I went to fill out the questionnaire, I realized that, though I teach in the public system in Quebec, my experience didn’t […]

  • Well-being of children and opening schools

    Yesterday afternoon, the Quebec government announced the reopening of schools during this current worldwide pandemic. Last week, they suggested as much, citing herd immunity as a main reason. But over the weekend, perhaps in response to Dr. Theresa Tam’s statement about the practice, they changed their reason why. In fact, they replaced it with 5 […]

  • A Lesson from Robin

    Facebook and, I imagine, Twitter exploded today with the news of Robin Williams’ death. I found myself touched more than with other celebrity deaths. Rumours, still rumours, say that it was at his own hand. That depression was a factor. It’s public knowledge that he had problems with drugs. I did not know the man […]

  • Be sad. Be angry.

    The other night, while so much of the world was busy counting medals a man was not convicted of murder for killing a 17-yr old boy who was listening to loud music in his car with his friends in front of a convenience store in Florida. That boy could have been any one of my […]

  • The questions students ask…

    Yesterday, a student asked me this question: “Are Jews and white people the same thing?” I started with a no, because there are black Jews, there are brown Jews. But there are a lot of white Jews. “So, is it just their religion that makes them different from white people?” I thought…and said, maybe. A […]

  • Truth about stories

    Two very different stories about the same events. Story #1 Five police cruisers torched, 40 protesters arrested as native anti-fracking rally turns violent. The National Post Police. Torched. Protesters Arrested. Native. Violent. Story #2 New Brunswick fracking protests are the frontline of a democratic fight. The Guardian New Brunswick. Protests. Frontline. Democratic. A number of […]

  • I believe that…

    …pedagogy and student success need to be priorities …technology integration is NOT about technology integration …students (and some teachers) need to be taught how to use technology ethically – how to be ethical digital citizens …first we need to care, then we need to know what we are teaching, and only then we can find […]

  • The obsession with interactive white boards

    Why is there such a love affair with interactive white boards? Soon after the PQ government was elected this fall, it announced a moratorium on the previous government’s plan to put an interactive white board in every classroom across the province. I say this is a good thing. IWBs are expensive and do very little […]

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