Category: Motivation

  • On unlearning or the summer slide.

    I am listening to CBC while waiting for Jack to finish his smoothie and get out of his bath (multitasking). Listening specifically to an interview about the dangers of unlearning over the summer. (I can’t find a CBC reference but here is a CTV article that mentions the same person being interviewed: Is the Summer […]

  • Motivation, feedback, tech, and me.

    The ‘and me’ is key. This is in reference to me as a teacher and therefore a creator of learning situations. How do I use myself as a motivating instigator with those I teach? How do I provide effective feedback to those I teach? How do I recognize the feedback I receive from those I […]

  • On Motivation. On Learning. In Ourselves.

    Last night, at 10:39, I found out about the midnight deadline for applying to the Google Teacher Academy taking place in New York this October. How was it that I only clued into the application process in the, practically literally, 11th hour? That may have a little something to do with this kind of thing: […]

  • Turning motivation inside out

    Thought it was about time to jot down some notes on a few things popping throughout my brain on the subject of education. Motivation. Biggy. How is it that I can walk into one classroom, sit down, and say ‘write about the weather’ and the response is ‘Really? We love the weather! Oh wow, can […]

  • Making sense of teaching by starting with why

    I haven’t read the book so this isn’t a review or commentary on the book but rather a reflection on the idea of starting with why, which just so happens to be the title of a book as well. When people ask what do you do, you teach. When people ask what do you teach, […]

  • How I motivate my students and manage my classroom without reward systems

    Read the following quotes, I’m going to be reflecting on them in relation to my philosophy of teaching and learning around motivation and classroom management and what all of that looks like in my classroom. Babies cry for a reason. It’s never ‘spoiling’ your baby to take his baby’s cries seriously, and to respond to […]

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