Category: Lessons from Jack

  • On learning

    My young son learns by watching, by listening, by mimicking, by testing. He learns how to eat by watching me eat and then eating. He learns how to speak by hearing me speak and then speaking. He learns how to stand by standing. And I’m sure it’s because he sees us moving around that he […]

  • Questions about tech and children

    I like to use technology in education. But that isn’t any different than how I like to use technology in other aspects of my life. It’s a part of my life – in the classroom and out of it – and it is there to enhance whatever it is I want to achieve. But I […]

  • Another lesson from baby Jack about trying to do too much

    Remember my post about how much I love tutoring? Well, I do love it. The thing is, I realized that I wasn’t ready to be away from Jack for even a few hours. I quickly began to resent the preparation, not the tutoring prep, that’s fun 🙂 but the having to pump milk, driving him […]

  • On honey versus vinegar: A lesson from Jack to take to the classroom

    A lesson from my student teaching days whispered to me through the wind and the rain this morning. Sheila, my supervising teacher, taught me to attract bees with honey, not vinegar. Jack taught it to me again a few hours ago. I am in a bad way this morning. My neck went out Saturday night […]

  • Learning from Apple Juice

    Bordering on the TMI – I’ve been having some difficulties nursing Jack. Mainly in the ouch department but more deeply with the frustration of knowing that if it is hurting me he is more than likely not having an easy time of getting the amount of nourishment he needs. He nurses every 2 to 3 […]

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