Category: Learning Theory

  • Learning, Naturally

    …or is that Acquiring, Naturally? I’ve been thinking a lot about language learning lately, as I bring a group of students towards final evaluations in a few weeks’ time. This group is small, though of the 9 students there are 6 different levels I need to evaluate. So, I repeat, I’ve been thinking a lot […]

  • My dirty secrets re: flipping the classroom

    I have a dirty little secret to share. Actually, I have a few. Dirty Secret #1 I don’t think video lessons are all that. When we talk of flipped classrooms we talk of having video that students can watch out of the classroom to free up clasroom time from the shackles of lecture and allow […]

  • Theories of Social and Behaviour Change – Passing on resources

    I just received these resources from Rosemary, a professor of mine from when I studied Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University in Montreal (a program definitely worth checking out!) and thought what better way to a) save them and b) share them, than to do so by posting them here. So here they are with […]

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