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  • On gardening and understanding

    When I garden I want to tear my hair out along with the weeds and grass at times because there just seems to be so much to pull to let the plants I love to breathe and shine. My first inclination could be to just pull haphazardly but I’ve noticed that if I patiently allow […]

  • What do you believe? And does it matter?

    If you don’t know who Mary Hynes is and have never listened to (and nodded with, yelled at, cried to, and questioned) Tapestry, CBC’s weekly radio show and podcast on spirituality, myth, faith, our connections then hop to it. It is inspiring and regularly leads me to question my own beliefs. A recent article by […]

  • Teaching as an act of optimism

    I gave this blog a little facelift, using a modified template I’m using over at Camping Out that I like. I think it looks nice and fresh, just like the gorgeous day I’m having today on my day off this week 🙂 (I work 4 days/week). At the same time I changed the quote I […]

  • Looking Back: Stop talking about classrooms that don’t work

    As part of my Looking Back series, the sentiments I articulated in this post from August 21st, 2010 are still very alive for me. There are classrooms that work, that work very well. Click on the title below to go to the original post with its comments. Here is an example of a ‘traditional’ classroom […]

  • Learning from Apple Juice

    Bordering on the TMI – I’ve been having some difficulties nursing Jack. Mainly in the ouch department but more deeply with the frustration of knowing that if it is hurting me he is more than likely not having an easy time of getting the amount of nourishment he needs. He nurses every 2 to 3 […]

  • Stop talking about classrooms that don’t work

    This morning I read a thoughtful post about what ADD may or may not be. Despite the timeliness and depth of thought present in the article, I was stricken by one paragraph about the perils of classrooms on our children. How our young children today, so rife with creative potential, are doomed to a future […]

  • mid-night invictus, a story of inspiring leadership

    I woke up at 2 am, couldn’t fall back asleep, so began to watch Invictus, the story of Nelson Mandela’s call to Rugby to begin healing South Africa in 1995. Watch the film for the final game. I think it’s one of the best EVER. Even though I knew the outcome, I was on the […]

  • Passion exists inside me, not inside a job

    This blog post has been in the works for a couple of weeks now and was coaxed out by Dan Callahan’s post One for the Record Books over at Geek.Teacher. His post reflects on the mixed feelings he has around changing schools, changing positions. My own recent job change has had me thinking along the […]

  • students are a lot more competent than we ever give them credit for

    “My personal belief is that students are a lot more competent than we ever give them credit for, and sometimes all we need is to do is get out of their way.” Ok, those are actually Paula White’s words but we share the same belief. I have always thought that students will rise to the […]

  • Who tells you how to teach?

    This post was inspired by this passage from Teachers Should be Seen and not Heard by Anthony Mullen in EdWeek, Jan. 7, 2010. “What do you think?” the senator asked…. …”I’m thinking about the current health care debate, “I said. “And I am wondering if I will be asked to sit on a national committee […]

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