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  • How you Zooming?

    When we were told to keep in contact with our students, it didn’t have to all be via Zoom. I was reading through the comments on a Facebook post just now about fighting with children to do their homework and to get on their Zoom meetings. When I saw this comment (I hid the commenter’s picture […]

  • Well-being of children and opening schools

    Yesterday afternoon, the Quebec government announced the reopening of schools during this current worldwide pandemic. Last week, they suggested as much, citing herd immunity as a main reason. But over the weekend, perhaps in response to Dr. Theresa Tam’s statement about the practice, they changed their reason why. In fact, they replaced it with 5 […]

  • Learning (or should we call it connecting?) Online in Troubled Times

    Yes. Especially at this tumultuous (yet, for some lucky people, incredibly boring) point in time, we need to be talking about connection when it comes to learning. (When I say connect, I mean primarily as in human connection but also as in infrastructure.) There have been a whole new slew of online meeting and learning […]

  • The human touch of tech

    Today I read this, written by Nathan Smith, Director of Technology at the College of Education & Human Services of Utah State University. “…Connecting with our students in meaningful, positive ways – making each of them feel wanted, important, safe, valued, and needed – is to me the real “art” of teaching. I call this […]

  • Making sense of teaching by starting with why

    I haven’t read the book so this isn’t a review or commentary on the book but rather a reflection on the idea of starting with why, which just so happens to be the title of a book as well. When people ask what do you do, you teach. When people ask what do you teach, […]

  • Sunday Synectic: How do you spell ‘love’?

    Pooh and Piglet Blow Wishes. Image found here. Piglet: “Pooh, how do you spell LOVE?” Pooh: “You don’t spell it Piglet, you FEEL it.” How can this relate to your current teaching practice? (or whatever it is you happen to practice.)

  • Leading from the Heart is featured on Blogher!

    In 2008 I discovered Blogher online and thought it was great. I went to the Blogher Convention that year and thought it was great, too. Then I got caught up in my new job and life and too many social networks. This morning I noticed an incoming link from Blogher and decided to click through. […]

  • Recent articles, elsewhere

    I’ve been writing some articles on Special Education for, thought I’d publish some links to the articles I’ve written so far. Enjoy! (and I am shamelessly asking for some comments on the articles themselves as I have yet to receive any! 🙂 ) Special education resources in Ottawa and other areas July 4, 2011 […]

  • Social Networking and Life-Balance, do we even know what that is? Responding to Angela Stockman

    A long while ago (we’re talking 3 months people!), Angela left a meaty, thought-provoking comment on my post Why are we arguing that social networking does not have neg. effect on school & learning?. I apologize for not having acknowledged it, let alone responded to it, when it was made! The past few months have […]

  • Lessons for the classroom from a newborn

    Hard to believe that 4 weeks have already passed since my little Jack was born. My life has definitely changed and I know it’s only going to continue to do so. One thing that I am learning from this little guy is the importance of listening. He tells me what he needs through the cries […]

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