Category: Collaboration

  • Adults monopolizing conversations about youth

    We keep youth off to the side while the adults talk and talk about how to improve the world. To youth, it is a lot of talk and little change. It’s ironic and sad that youth, with the biggest stake in the future, are so often seen and not heard. Think of all the areas […]

  • Collaboration for student success: teachers and para-educators working together

    **Kartoo Visual search for paraeducators** (type paraeducator in the search field, click on the mindmap key) The idea of extra help in the classroom is becoming more and more a reality for many classroom teachers. As we move away from stand alone resource room models towards inclusion for students with needs there is a recognition […]

  • Parent involvement at school

    After re-reading some of the responses to my posting, Parents protest ‘time out’ cage in classroom, I get a sense that the consensus is for a shift towards more parental involvement at school. What does this mean? More parent-led activities? Higher attendance at parent-teacher interviews? A combination of the two? Research shows that a connection […]

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