Teaching as an act of optimism

I gave this blog a little facelift, using a modified template I’m using over at Camping Out that I like. I think it looks nice and fresh, just like the gorgeous day I’m having today on my day off this week 🙂 (I work 4 days/week). At the same time I changed the quote I use in my byline to

Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.

It’s attributed to Colleen Wilcox and rings true for me.

I’m wondering what it stirs in others? I invite you to reflect on it. Does it ring true to you as well? Why?







2 responses to “Teaching as an act of optimism”

  1. Elona Avatar

    Love the new clean look of blog.

    Yes, teaching is an act of optimism. How else could you continue to do it day after day. Keeping that glass half full is a challenge at times.

    1. Tracy Rosen Avatar

      Hi Elona, so nice to hear from you! I find that teaching can help me to keep the glass half full.

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