Transitions in a sentence

I am finding that this is a time of many transitions for me!

From summer to school (and to autumn),
From Grade 11 to Kindergarten,
From English to French,

and here is one last big transition for me:

Most of us go through transitions at this time of year. What are yours?

Feel free to write your sentence in any form, include images, sound, whatever you like to illustrate your transitions.
As always, commenting will be moderated until next weekend when the sentences go public.

I’m looking forward to reading them!


  1. From the frantic stress of week 10, term 3
    To the spring holidays for two weeks
    From the farm I live on
    To the magnificent Australian outback
    For several days camping in the Flinders Ranges
    To relax, wind down and get ready for the final term of our school year.

  2. I’m beginning new relationships with 120 seventh graders (and an intern) as both of my own children journey out west, exploring, which will probably transform my relationship with my wife…and so it goes.

  3. i am adrift from day to day right now, caring for my peaceful 2-month old baby girl without the solidity of “weekday” or “weekend”; at the same time, i feel the tidal pull of simplicity, a strong urge to declutter, divest, and reclaim life.

  4. Great photo, great topic and as we move over to my blog Tracey, I hope you take up the challenge to collaborate with me in sharing more of the hosting. What do you think??

    Here’s my sentence…
    It’s September and I’m in a great state of transition and loving it beginning with the Jewish holidays and moving into my work and play life. I love summer and welcome fall.

  5. We’re in a sweet stage of transition – from infanthood to toddlerhood, and splendidly settled into this Mama’s second year teaching a part-time schedule! What’s better than sweet snuggles before afternoon rest time?!

  6. It’s been another long week of twelve-year-old rambunctiousness taken to the extreme, resulting in very little fun for their teacher, who is extremely thankful that the weather has at least cooled off.

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