Getting a spine

My back is hurting. It always hurts when I’m thinking of important things. Things I am passionate about. Things that I need to speak out about. I need to get a spine.

More on that later.

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10 responses to “Getting a spine”

  1. Kevin Hodgson Avatar

    I hope you find comfort in your decisions, and therefore, in your back. And I hope your spine doesn’t grow like that one in the image, Tracy.
    .-= Kevin Hodgson´s last blog ..Slice of Life: The Man Who Wrote The Man Who Walked =-.

  2. Miss Incognegro Avatar

    My GI tract and head retaliate when I am feeling similarly, Tracy. The human body is an incredible machine, isn’t it? If we’d only listen to it more often…

    1. Tracy Rosen Avatar

      No kidding! It’s first remembering to listen to it but then acting on what it’s telling me, that’s hard too.
      .-= Tracy Rosen´s last blog ..Getting a spine =-.

  3. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks 🙂
    That’s a pretty rocking spine, though, no messing with that backbone!

  4. Kate Avatar

    Oh, I empathize. I just found mine this week. And my back actually hurt until I did. Best of luck!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..By Our Own Hands =-.

    1. Tracy Avatar

      I have a feeling I’d love to hear that story…

  5. Peter Avatar

    When I think on matters I consider important, there often comes a feeling of stress. When I’m aware of it coming to being that often helps reduce its physiological impact. But sometimes I get so caught up in the matter that it takes a toll on the body.
    .-= Peter´s last blog ..Steve Jobs wants to stop great artistry =-.

    1. Tracy Avatar

      Yes, and yes.

      Thanks for dropping by, Peter. I haven’t visited your blog in too long. Off to do that now.

  6. David Duez Avatar

    Mine is always my neck. Football pretty much destroyed it and it hurts most days. But, when I am really stressing, wow.

    Hope you are on track again soon.
    .-= David Duez´s last blog ..Ken Robinson: "It’s not like making motor cars." =-.

    1. Tracy Avatar

      Thanks Dave. I will be 🙂

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