Seeing me, Seeing we: Amen of the day, Feb. 24/08

And I fear for her, since when I look into her downtrodden and detached eyes, I …

… I see me … Jose Vilson

At first read, and with Jose’s apparent intent, this is about fear, life, and overwhelming sadness.

On a larger level, this is about our connections as people, and points me toward hope for the future.

I inspire to do as Jose, to see myself in the eyes of my students, my colleagues, my friends, my not so friends, my supervisors, my elders.

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2 responses to “Seeing me, Seeing we: Amen of the day, Feb. 24/08”

  1. jose Avatar

    That was fast. Thanks. I was going for all the points you made precisely because our profession is becoming less connected with the students, a product of the business-minded attitude instilled within the systems.

  2. Tracy Rosen Avatar

    (That was fast yourself!)
    There is emotion in this on so many levels. As I read your comment I see a reflection of your despair as a child in your despair with the business of our profession.
    Yet, it is recognizing the despair that allows access to hope.
    Reminds me, there’s always a rose growing out of whatever concrete. There has to be.

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