Moving moving moving

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go….
kind of.

I’m moving today, luckily we have this one day of calm between yesterday’s rainy,icy, windy (I couldn’t get out of my car at one point, the winds were keeping the doors shut!) day and tomorrow’s forecast of 25cms of snow!

So I may be slightly absent for the next little while.

Also, I’m in the process of migrating things to a new host…and since I generally start new things without quite knowing what I am up to…well, I may be slightly absent for the next little while 🙂

oh…and I’m not taking a jet plane or anything…just moving about 15 minutes away by car…

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One response to “Moving moving moving”

  1. jose Avatar

    well go head n leave because i heard rom round the world from da wisest MCs … word to mos def 🙂

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