Gleaned from Scott McLeod

“You can’t expect responsible kids if you don’t give them any responsibility.”

Love it.
Isn’t this what it is all about, this teaching business?
Thanks Scott.

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3 responses to “Responsibility”

  1. David McQueen Avatar

    Never a truer word!

  2. Angie Avatar

    Old post, new reader. Allen Mendler says that you must give a student hope before you give them responsibility.

  3. Tracy Rosen Avatar
    Tracy Rosen

    Angie, thanks for posting. I agree, so let me rephrase…hope is what it’s all about, really. 🙂

    I think that hope is a prerequisite for everything. Without hope, why are we doing anything?

    Part of my professional and personal practice involves looking for instances of hope. It is a very primal thing for me. Those instances make me feel alive.

    When students are given responsibility and take it I am touched, because to me this demonstrates that they do have hope for a positive future in which they play an important role.

    Thanks for pushing me deeper on this one!

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