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About this blog – quick and dirty stylie…

  • focus – issues in learning and teaching
  • author – Teacher. Student. Soldier. Spy
  • where – Eastern Ontario
  • why – because I learn when I write, research, and get feedback from others
  • when – bio created February 3, 2007, last updated July 1, 2010

Extended version

With one of my students at our end of year banquet, June 2009. Sam has given me her permission to post this picture here.

With one of my students at our end of year banquet, June 2009. Sam has given me her permission to post this picture here.

My name is Tracy Rosen. I have taught for the past 10 12 13 14 years – Kindergarten through Grade 11 and University (TA). I have always been concerned with the rights of all children people to learn and strongly believe that this can be achieved mainly through relationship-building.

I returned to teaching in August 2007 after a year as a consultant with the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre in Montreal. While I loved the work I did with teachers and administrators, the pull of the classroom was just too strong. I missed teaching terribly. Now I am looking to combine consulting with school-based work.

In January 2008 I began a PhD program in Educational Technology at Concordia University in Montreal. In January 2009 I realized that the program was getting in the way of the real learning I do with my students and colleagues, so I discontinued it. Now I am pursuing a Certificate in Intercultural Relations at Seneca College, just to keep things interesting.

Statement of Purpose

Document made with Scribus – open source desktop publishing software. It rocks.

My areas of professional interest: organizational learning, emergent design, appreciative inquiry, relationship-based learning, differentiated instruction, jazz improv and learning

Things I find integral: discipline with dignity, emotionally intelligent teaching, communities of practice

Other things I do….

I like to paint. This was a gift for my cousin who turned 50 last month:

buddha watching over Fern

and this one was a gift for my friend for Christmas:

OP for ORC

I also like to go for long walks with my dog dogs in the morning. I live in an area of Montreal with a lot of green space, and my apartment building is right next to the St Lawrence River, which makes for glorious views in the morning. I moved to a home in the country a few weeks ago (June 2009) and enjoy exploring my property and the countryside in the morning with the dogs. The views are fantastic – I am amid cornfields and trees – and as soon asI resolve some current camera issues, I will add some new pictures to this page.

Which brings me to my next pastime, photography! I received my first digital camera last year and have been clicking ever since. It is fun and lets me achieve a quick creative product at times when I have less patience for painting 🙂

Here are a few of my morning photos…

Champlain Bridge, winter 2007

ice bridge

Sun rising through reeds, St Lawrence river, Dec. 2006



Ice forms, St Lawrence river, winter 2007



Sun rising over the Champlain Bridge, August 2007



Toby, August 2007



Oh! And I can’t forget my latest soundtrack…


17 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Russ Lauber

    Thanks for your comment on my blog…thought I’d pay you a visit. Yours is really impressive, and eclectic (I’m still learning…). I’ll be back when I have more time…I think I can learn from you…

  3. Sherry Crofut

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am just really starting to blog, so the feedback is very encouraging. I thought I would pop over and check out yours. We seem to have very similar beliefs! I put you in my feeder. See you on Twitter!

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  5. Sharen

    Impressive artwork Tracy! I knew you had a passion for photography and have always enjoyed seeing your nature photos and your art is an added dimension. And you are back to school as well…as I’ve said before, you are inspiring!

  6. Tracy

    Sharen – thanks for dropping by! The problem with doing so many things is that it can be quite exhausting at times!
    But you know what? I’ve found what I love to do and I am doing it – if it comes with some tired days, so be it!

  7. adriano

    Great website!! :))
    I found it through your comment on my website.. about the twitter button.. so I am having a look around enjoying the place 😉

  8. TonNet

    How are you Tracy. I want to thank you for dropping by our blog. As any blogger, I came back following the commenter and what I’ve found is a very interesting page, in its content as much as design. I’ve read the special section dedicated to the Appreciative Inquiry and really got me interested.

    I am not so sure whether visiting blogs and commenting is part of you’re ‘learning can be achieved mainly through relationship-building’ but, in any way, I’m thankful to discover such an interesting person.

  9. Tracy Post author

    Welcome! I do think that there is a certain kind of relationship that is created between blog writers and readers – that has been my experience. And for the most part I do learn through these online relationships!

    Are you familiar with Appreciative Inquiry? It can be a very powerful way of triggering change in people and organizations.

    I’m glad you found your way here.

  10. Joel

    Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I like your layout. A lot. I’m gonna play around with it some and see what I can do with it!

  11. Tracy Post author

    Thanks Joel – I love this theme. Took a little playing around with to get to know it, and it is not widget ready so you’ll need to reformat it a bit to make it so (if you want to be able to use WP sidebar widgets).

    Let me know if you need some pointers!

    And Welcome 🙂

  12. Sharen

    Hi Tracy. I have so enjoyed catching up with your newest website.You continue to amaze me. Love your Ethics! This summer I found a new clip which combines nature and the music of a Mexican composer. If I was still teaching, I would use it on those days we all need calming down. Teachers and students! It sustains me until I can get outside and so I added it on a new page titled Peacefulness. I think you will like it too! Also going to send you something via email which has to be forwarded. Happy New Year! xox

  13. Tracy Post author

    Hi Sharen – so nice to hear from you! I just saw/heard that clip on your peacefulness page. I like the piano – it’s a piece to daydream to!

    Lately I have been listening to more and more piano. There is something about good piano that just lifts me! Ahmad Jamal is my latest find. Here is some of him.

    Not much of a video, but some beautiful piano!

  14. teacherninja

    Blown away by the site. Great mix of stuff. I’ve been playing around with different blogs for my photography–never thought to include that on my ed. blog. Great stuff. Adding you to my blogroll right now…

  15. Tracy Rosen

    Thank you teacherninja! I do work hard on this blog and it is nice to hear positive feedback like yours.

    Some of the images on the home page are mine. I’m planning on incorporating more of mine in the future.

    As you probably noticed, you are already on my blogroll. Loved the name teacherninja too much not to 😉 plus you write about things I like reading!

  16. Dea Conrad-Curry

    Love your artwork. I just added your blog to my blogroll, and wanted to learn a bit more about you. I hadn’t visited this page before. You write an interesting blog, and now, I know why…you are a very interesting person!


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